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A mockup of my in progress RPG. There's two primary grids of enemies and player actions. For more details head to the LOARA page linked in the caption of this image.

The Labours of a Rising Adventurer

A screenshot of Open World Game: the Open World Game's Stats menu. It's primary purpose is to detail the list of pickups, how many pickups have been found by the player, and shiny meters to hype up the player's progress towards one-hundred percent completion.

Open World Game: the Open World Game

The front page of a Dev Notes instance with a basic header, a simple form, a section with a tag filters and search, and two placeholder example notes that had been saved below. The header has one link called Dev Notes. The form has one submission button and four fields: a basic text field called Topic, a larger textarea field called Solution, an autocompleting select field to add additional Solutions, an additional autocompleting select field to create or add tags. The submission button at the bottom currently displays the error: A Topic is required to create a Note. Only the titles and tags of the two placeholder notes can be seen. One of which is Tyrannosaurus with the tag Cretaceous, and the other is Camarasaurus with the tag Jurassic.

Dev Notes

A collage of images from my various other work in web and games. Each of the images in the collage are on the Extras page so checkout that page if you're looking for better descriptions of the images!


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