Hi there.

I'm Zach (They/Them).

Ages ago someone called me Zeus and now half my friends call me Zeus, or Zeusan — Any of the above work for me!

I've loved games since the moment my Uncle introduced me to them as a kid, and they've been an integral element of my life since. For me, it's only natural to want to share games with people who have yet to experience them, and because of that, accessibility has become a big passion of mine. I think everyone should be able to enjoy the games they want to, and I love learning new ways to make that possible.

My work experience has been quite a rollercoaster of a journey. The short story is that I've been web developing for over 8 years and developing my own games for 4, but the full story involves a music composition degree, some sound design work, and plenty of surprises. I never would have expected to be where I am now, but I love seeing how my otherwise unrelated set of skills ultimately enables me to solve problems in unique ways.

I am currently based in Los Angeles where I spend the time I'm not making or playing games with my spouse and our "boys," Savi and Ezran.

A chocolate lab, Ezran, laying on a bed with a blue comforter with a black cat, Savi, laying on top of Ezran. Both are looking calmly at the camera.

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