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Additional Credits

A screenshot of an earthy but brightly colored webpage highlighting the future release of the Wildermyth OST. The page prominetly features the Wildermyth logo at the top with its simple font and W embellished to look like two trees, as well as a screenshot from the game with a diverse group of adventurers gathered around a campfire enjoying some music.

Wildermyth OST Promotional Site

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer (2022)

Made with Figma, Affinity Designer, HTML / CSS, and React. Site Release TBD.

A screenshot of the musical works page of the Megan Carnes Music portfolio website in a simple green and white color palette. The page features a set of user-controlled filters like Tempo and Mood to find specific types of Megan's music more easily.

Megan Carnes Music Portfolio

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer (2022)

Made with Figma, Affinity Designer, HTML / CSS, and React. You can take a look at the Megan Carnes Music portfolio website here.

A screenshot of the game Sneaky Snacks where you play as a mischievous dog trying to get the delicious turkey leg behind the back of your owner. It's got a simple visual style using pixel art and a top-down view of a small room that the dog navigates.

Sneaky Snacks

Programmer (UI/Game), Composer (2020)

Made for Major Jam 2: Love! with Unity. Instructions to play Sneaky Snacks

A pixel art screenshot of a green hand slamming a hammer into a sword to craft it.

Non Player Crafter

Programmer (UI/Audio) (2020)

Made for Global Game Jam 2020 with Unity. Instructions to play Non Player Crafter

A screenshot of a webpage of featuring a black-and-white photo of a woman holding their child in the snow.

Web Developer (2021 - Present)

Although my title may not reflect it, this role has involved a significant amount of UX work, such as conducting A/B testing with new visual components and performing accessibility audits.

A screenshot of an older look of DataStax Academy with a simple hero with a patten of bright blue and orange lines. Below the hero ther are three separate columns of suggestions of Start Learning, Browse By Topics, and Get Certified.

Datastax Academy

UX Lead (2019 - 2020), Web Developer (2017-2020)

My work in this role included many A/B tests for new visual components, user research with heatmaps, and redesigning the user workflow of downloading their primary product.

A screenshot of the morning person games website that features a coffee cup being lit up by a sunrise as a logo, a banner featuring Open World Game: the Open World Game, and a section for recent blog posts with a thumbnail of some heavy armor colored in different styles. The page has the headline: Early morning indie devs with a passion for fun, inclusivity, and great games.

Morning Person Games Site

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer (2020)

It's in dire need of a update, but here's the Morning Person Games Site.

A screenshot of the game Metamorphic featuring a cave-like environment with luminescent crystals and a magical glowing circle all in a low-poly style.


Game Designer, Sound Designer, Composer (2018)

Made with Unity. Instructions to play

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