Open World Game: the Open World Game

Morning Person Games

A solo project of mine, Open World Game: the Open World Game is a satire that captures the purest open world game experience.


Word of Mouth Indie Games

A puzzle-platformer full of atmosphere, magic sparks, and charming geological features. Metamorphic elaborates on the idea of an insurpassible barrier being the entire goal of a game rather than a stepping stone.

I worked on the initial design process and the sound and music during development.

Non-Player Crafter

Leaf Team

A collection of fast-paced minigames about repairing the many adeventurer's broken equipment. The only thing worse than having weapon durability is being the person that has to fix the weapon durability.

I helped design, develop, and implement the audio for Non-Player Crafter during Global Gam Jam 2020.